Volume IX, Issue 5, Page 6

All Over the Track

Hey kids! It’s that time again. Time to backtrack and make a few corrections and clarifications to some well thought-out and mindful comments I made last month (snicker). Before I get to that, let me first mention one supportive email I received. It’s always a pleasure to get a positive note from anyone, let alone an icon of our sport. So thank you, Jon Lundberg.

I received some mail regarding my comments about the 2nd Annual Old Tucson Dragway Reunion at Southwest International Raceway in lovely Tucson, Arizona. This event confused me and it more than likely always will. My comments were regarding the lack of internet coverage on the event, and I got taken to task over it by several drag race people. Ok, I’ll admit it was a broad statement. It was pointed out to me (the guy who obviously does not even read his own web page’s race coverage) that indeed, there were race reports aplenty…about the funny cars. Great. While I love funny cars, how about everything else that went down the track at that event or the honorees of this historic celebration? I guess I’m getting spoiled into thinking that the web coverage promised prior to these events will satisfy my every non-funny car whim.


In the midst of my confusion while reading these emails, I rescued the latest edition of National Dragster from the grasp of my two young sons. They were trying to stage some kind of a Paper Tug-of-War National in the living room. Fast forward to the next day, deep inside the Utterback Estates “reading enclave.” While grazing that same tattered edition of my favorite weekly rag, I stumbled across the holy grail of race reporting that I was craving right from the beginning!

The Member Track News section of the April 20th edition of National Dragster has a great report filed by Bruce Mabry. If I’m not mistaken, this is the same Bruce who does a great job on the mike at SIR for many of their events. The race report mentioned the Hall of Fame inductees, Ron Miller, Bob Huff, Joe Antonelli, Jon Hurst, Elell Barnes and Barney Alvey. The article also mentioned the 12 classes that were represented, plus a car show, celebrity race and a raffle. Bruce and Hal Sanguenetti have doubled-teamed the mike for years at the big events that happen at this track. I’ve only known Bruce for about 5 years, but me and the Hal guy go back to the mid 70’s and 2 wheels. Great job to all involved with this event and it should be about more than just the funny cars who showed up.

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