What's New for 2015, or, Some Folks Have Already Unwrapped Their Christmas Presents

It's that time of year when many of us are counting down the days to Christmas, running around town or surfing the Internet trying to figure out what presents to buy friends and loved ones. In addition, I’m following the Clark W. Griswald plan on external house illumination in expectation of our own version of Cousin Eddy showing up for Christmas dinner. Yes, I have seen Christmas Vacation at least two or 347 times.

Racers are no different. Most are working like Santa’s elves in their shops developing new parts and concepts for the next season.

So for this month’s Getting Nostalgic we are going to take a look at (to this point) what is to be new and exciting in the world of nostalgia racing.

As we reported in the California Hot Rod Reunion story there are big changes already in place at Don Nelson’s “California Hustler”. Ron Swearingen has taken over the duties as crew chief on that car. Swearingen has relocated to Paso Robles, Calif., and is working at the shop where Nelson bases the car, getting things put together in his own fashion.

John Stewart will be taking over at Dan Horan Racing, but the remainder of the team is still in place, and in late season, testing the car reported still run in the 5.70 range.

Two-time DRO Champion John Hale has decided to retire the Mike Burkhart tribute car for a new design on the Camaro. “One Bad Texan” is based on the flag from the Lone Star State. It fits Hale’s personality to a “T”. It is a great looking scheme.