Adam Sorokin’s championship season

Sometimes in life, it is best to take a step back, to analyze the situation, to look at the big picture. Any number of cliché’s will work here, evaluate the current situation and make changes accordingly. This strategy worked perfectly for the 2012 Heritage Series Top Fuel Champion Adam Sorokin and the Champion Speed Shop Team.

Adam Sorokin, Bob McLennan and the Champion Speed Shop guys made a major decision in March of 2011. “We went to the March Meet and knew the tune-up was off, so was the car. So Bob decided we’ll just take the rest of the season off, and regrouped for 2012.”

During that time the Champion guys went back and started with a clean sheet of paper and built a car that would work with a combination that isn’t typical for a Top Fuel dragster.  McLennan devised a combination that is, to say the least, out of the box thinking. First off the engine would not be a Hemi, instead a 377 cubic inch Chevrolet SBII mouse motor, in a menacing black streamliner dragster. 

The first event would be the 2012 March Meet for this new combination. “The first real run on this car it ran a seventy and we were able to run it all the way to the stripe,” Sorokin stated from his home in California. This was the realization that the team was waiting for, especially Sorokin. “After that run, I just knew that this car could win races”.

Sorokin also started to see the potential of the car the more the team ran it. “I knew that this car could run in the sixties given the right circumstances,” opined Sorokin.

Adam’s son helping with the back-up. (photo courtesy Adam Sorokin)

The car continued to show promise going into the summer months. The stop in Spokane, Washington, was a magical one for Sorokin. The car continued to show more and more potential, however, it was special for another reason. It was the first time his eleven-year-old son Michael (named after Adam’s late father) had attended a full event.  “He had come for the day once in a while, but never for the entire weekend, and so I wanted to give him the entire experience,” explained Sorokin.

Michael was entrusted with the very important task of backing up his father after the burnout. “It was the first time two generations of Sorokin’s were on the track at the same time. It was a very special moment,” Sorokin stated with great pride in his voice.