I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t believe you can only have one nitro class. There have to be both fuelers and floppers, and those who I have talked to (at least face to face) have agreed. So, the ball is in the NTF owners’ and drivers’ court. Are they going to continue to go down the path they are on, a path that, from this vantage point, is leading to a very dark, deep abyss? Or are they going to see the light, figure out a rules combination that will allow the cars to run competitively without killing engines every other run or having to do a complete tear down after every lap?

If it means making the cars run a transmission, so be it. Or putting a bigger tire on it, so be it. Just do something that is going to make sure the class and the cars already in it survive!

Honestly, fans just want to see two cars going from A to B, side by side, without oil-downs or delays. They couldn’t give a rat’s ass what the scoreboards say, besides who won that race. Most fans couldn’t visually tell the difference between a 6.20 run and a 5.60 run. So what is wrong with six flat or 5.90 passes? Nothing, except for some crew chiefs and drivers trying to see whose Johnson is bigger.

The fans don’t care. Honestly. Be that as it may, I can already hear some people screaming about how I don’t know shit from Shinola. Tell me how you would feel about paying your hard earned money to go to a race and watch a couple of one hour long oil down/clean ups? But I guess I am once again spending others' money.

In all honesty, the next big test for the fueler teams would be the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals, just a little over a month away. Boise has always been a supporter of the fuelers in the past and it would be nice to see more than eight cars show up. This really needs to have sixteen cars in it – but, once again, I am spending other people’s money.

A great big shoutout to Tony and Michael Bartone, who have already given notice that they will be at the Nightfires) So come on, if these guys will come all the way from freakin’ New York City, well it up to the rest of you.

In closing I would like to thank everybody who takes the time to write in, no matter how you see this column, whether you agree or disagree. I have discovered that one can learn a lot at times from somebody who has a differing view point than your own, if you only just listen. I would also like to thank Jeff and Kay Burk for taking a chance on me. I hope this will continue to grow and prosper more that it has. I would also like to thank my wife and three kids who put up with me, support and help me grow each and every day.

And since it is just after the 4th of July, a huge shoutout to all those who serve and who have served in our Armed Forces. Nobody makes a bigger sacrifice for believing in the cause of liberty than these young men and women do. Thank you so much. To my Army brethren past and present, a great big “HOOAH”. I do this just to see if anybody notices…