Volume IX, Issue 8, Page 8


And I definitely think it's time to go back to ninety percent Nitro. Actually, I think it's time to lift any restriction of any kind regarding nitro percentages. The track, the prevailing weather of the moment, and any accumulated abuses the racing surface has endured are the final arbiters of whether nitro cars will smoke the tires, not nitro percentages. Let the crew chiefs decide what goes into the tanks, and let the chips fall where they may. Don't worry about the oil downs and the down time. Drag racing is not, and never will be a real candidate for live television. And despite the verbiage from so-called experts to the contrary, I have yet to meet a drag racing fan who was in a hurry to leave a national event. So why try to hurry up the show?

Do you think there are too many sanctioning bodies out there? I don't. I believe there is room for a few more, provided they bring us something not available from the big boys. Yes I'm going to use the dreaded "N" word. I would really, really like to see someone put together a viable nostalgia based national event schedule featuring Nostalgia Top Fuel, Nostalgia Nitro Funny cars, and no rules Fuel Altereds. It's been tried by better men than I, and something always gums up the works. It remains my fervent hope that someone will try again, and get it right this time. If a Nostalgia national event tour does come to pass, it will most likely do so on the drawing power of the nostalgia funny cars. I know of roughly a dozen racers who would field a nostalgia funny car in a heartbeat, if they had venues to race at. Post a purse, tell them when and where to be, and they will be there. At least that's what I'm thinking.


And now for something I would like to see less of. Let me wish a quick death to all shows like Pinks, King of the Strip, and any other like-minded shows. I do not begrudge any of the folks involved their paychecks, but I do feel the shows give the general public an unfavorable impression of hot rodders and drag racing. Basically, these shows are based around one racer who tries to sandbag his way to fame and fortune, usually at the expense of someone who is a better racer than they are. Work off a handicap start, go heads up do anything but lie and connive and cheat to get your mugs on TV. Do that, and respect will be earned, and given! Enough said!

See ya next month. By then, I'll hopefully have banked enough real estate commissions to start up that nostalgia funny car I've always wanted. Later! 

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