It ain't over,it's just beginning...

Some of you know that our Leader and Mentor, Jeff Burk, has appointed me to be the editor of a new magazine. It soon will be published at

It is a dream of mine to see whether a magazine designed for ET bracket racers only can survive and grow. The next six months will probably answer that question.

There are several things I must accomplish, with a lot of help from other people, to make ETDragRacing grow. We need good editorial columns, good tech stories that relate to bracket racers, good personal interviews with the best races and best bracket track owners, we need tracks to support the magazine by sending us their track information and especially their RACE RESULTS with photos. Last but definitely not least, the staff at Racing Net Source will have to make sense of the stuff I send them and turn it into a quality online magazine.

I told Jeff I would continue to write my "Dead-On" column as I enter the 12th year of so doing. I love this sport, from the Pros to the trophy racers, and sometimes the NHRA/IHRA or some bonehead does something I can't ignore. I can't thank Jeff enough for letting me control my own column when I try to tell it like I see it.

It's crunch time at ETDragRacing as we are trying to launch the book around January 21st. Looking forward, I hope we can get the manufacturers, from the biggest of companies that sell to ET bracket racers to the small local companies, to become advertisers in our magazine.

To achieve that goal we have what I believe are the lowest advertising rates in the business. Without revenue a magazine cannot exist, as there are web designers, reporters, computer server expenses, and other costs to keep a magazine up and running on the Internet.

I know, as readers, you son't usually hear about this stuff. Well, this book is a little like a dragstrip. If we don't all join in to support it, it will disappear. All we can ask our readers is to come to the book as often as they can and to tell their other friends about our new magazine website. The more people we get to look at and enjoy the magazine, the more we can show sponsors it is worth their investment to advertise with us.

We will have a couple unique features at One is local race results which can be seen all over the planet. We will also have a 'Live Update' feature with current bracket racing news, announcements, and stuff we think is important.

I am trying to get a 'Live Race Results' section that will show race results as they happen from the folks at (Nothing set for sure but if we can figure it out, it will really sweet.)

Well, this is going to be a short Dead-On (for a change) as I have to get back to work at one of three jobs... whatever they are. :-)

Watch Agent1320 here on DRO to get the latest Pro testing results and buildup before the Winternationals.

One final note... copy and paste this to your browser and make it a FAVORITE, OK?