A new bracket racing magazine is in our future

ETDragRacing.comwill become a reality sometime in January 2013. We here at Racing Net Source have been talking about creating a magazine that is dedicated to ET BRACKET RACING ONLY! Personally, I think it will work out great. I’m going to be Editor and it will be designed and produced by the same staff as DRO.

I know we will have informative tech articles that will deal with the "do-it-yourself" guys as well as tech stories on the latest products to help bracket racers be faster and more consistent. We will discuss how to improve your driving, your car, towing to the trac,k and even nutrition to make you a better racer. We have some people in mind to write cutting-edge articles about bracket racing and how to have more fun and turn on more win lights, which is the goal of most of you that race.

I feel it is important that this new magazine work closely with bracket racers, track owners, and promoters of special bracket racing events. Knowledge will make our sport stronger, and the more the racers get a feel of what operating a track is like, and the track owners get a better feel for what bracket racers expect in return for their entry fees and pit passes, the better the sport will be for everyone.

We are in the process of looking for a few people who want to write editorial columns or contribute tech stories for ETdragracing.com. No prior editorial experience is needed but I will REQUIRE that you CARE about bracket racing and the tens of thousands of people who enjoy it. So, here is your chance to be heard by the masses. Have you always had ideas that you just know are great for bracket racing? Can you express those ideas in writing? Send me an email to Nicholson@racingnetsource.com with your phone number and I will call you so we can discuss it. By the way, don't confuse writing a column with earning an income you can retire on. How could anyone put a price on becoming famous in the world of ET bracket racing?

Attention Business Owners: My goal is to offer an advertising package for every size of business that can benefit from the exposure to the largest group of drag racers on the planet, the ET bracket racers that fill the pit areas of tracks across the country every weekend. Of course we have to mention advertising. The only way a magazine can become a reality is to have financial support from companies that will benefit from the readers seeing their products and services. If your company has products or services that a bracket racer could use please contact us. Our rates will be very affordable, whether you are a giant company like Comp Cams or a small transmission shop in Ohio.

My goal is to offer smaller companies, like my own company, Trailer Toad LLC, a way to reach a much larger base of racers at a very low cost to help grow their business. All we need is a quick email from you and I will call and go over the many ways you can reach new customers. We have packages starting as low as $99.95 a month for a 4-color ad and we do the design work.

Attention Track Owners/Promoters: We will have a "Track Listing" in ETdragracing.com so every track that wants to have their website listed can do that -- for FREE! Another way for racers to connect with you and your track without having to spend any money. Every track that signs up for the Free Track Listing will have the opportunity to advertise one special bracket race event for only $199. The ad will be listed under the "Special Events" section and will be live for three months with a link to your track website. Of course, you can advertise more than one Special Event and we hope you will; we will offer special prices to help promote Special Bracket Racing Events.

Attention Bracket Racers: The best way for this magazine to grow and become the "go-to site" for ET Bracket Racing information will be for you to talk about it on different forums you go to. We will promote the magazine the best we can, but there is no matching the effect of what your personal referral can accomplish. Whether it is a conversation with other racers or putting the link to the new www.ETDragRacing.com magazine at the end of your emails and posts... THAT is how ETDragRacing.com will grow and serve bracket racers the best it can.

I am looking forward to making this venture as informative and beneficial to our sport as I can. I will need support from the local ET racers, track owners and small businesses to make it fly, but I feel the idea is a winner.
I welcome any and all emails with what you would like to see in our new magazine. Contact me at Nicholson@racingnetsource.com.