Hey Jeff, I know the answers! Ask me, ask me!

or this month I thought I would start things off a bit differently. It is going to be partially a Question and Answer session off our CEO (and Editor) Jeff Burk’s latest column. I always wondered why more of you don’t take five minutes and reply to some of the BEST QUESTIONS I ever see printed about the state of our sport and what we might do to fix it.

Let’s start with a little comparison. In the federal government, state government and local government, if all we ever do is sit back and mumble that “there is nothing we can do to fix it” then it will never be fixed! Same for NHRA, IHRA, regional events and local events. If you don’t make an effort to make them better then you are either satisfied with how things are going or you are lazy -- it’s that simple.

Change comes from the heart and the belief in yourself that you are right will bring you to action. I have had a desire to make drag racing better for over 30 years. Have I revolutionized the sport? Not really. Have I made a difference? I definitely think I have.

Let’s start on some answers to Jeff’s questions from his last “Just Wondering” editorial.

Burkster Question: “Is there a more culturally, ethnically or gender diverse auto racing or sports organization anywhere in the world than the NHRA?” His own answer was NO!

Jokster Answer: I have to agree with Jeff. There is not a more diverse place to participate at any level I have ever seen or heard of. Why? Because this is a sport that you can participate at on so many levels that there is simply nothing else like it. Sit back for two minutes and think about the people you have met and read about just in drag racing. Can NASCAR or Indy Car even come close? No way!

Burkster Question: “Why then are the TV broadcast ratings of the NHRA races so low when compared to other major motor sports?” His answer was that the “suits” in charge at the NHRA and ESPN can’t figure out how to translate the excitement of drag racing to the little screen so they just keep doing the same thing over and over, and over, and over....