On time for school but late on this column

want to cover several subjects this month and I must admit it has been a zoo around here. I want to apologize, first thing, to Burk for being late getting this in to him but we have been really busy at my business, Trailer Toad, building our Trailer Toad hitches for customers.

I think I will break this column down into about three segments as there are several things I want to go over with you. The first is the title to this month’s column; School? What school am I talking about?

Scotty Richardson’s Drag Racing School: You are NEVER too old to be a “student of drag racing”
I attended Scotty’s first official class held at Immokalee Regional Raceway a day before the IHRA Pro-Am race. I must admit Scotty has “schooled” many a racer over the years on his racing techniques and excellence. His resume of race wins is one of the best in the history of drag racing.

I think the most surprising thing I got out of my conversations with Scotty before, during and after the school was his absolute commitment to make all of his students better and to honestly share EVERYTHING he knows to the racers who attend his classes. I don’t want to sound like a preacher here but I think Scotty has found a “meaning” to what sharing his knowledge with others can do. Some of that will be on the track but a lot of what he talks about is mental preparedness, focus and having a plan for each time trial and each round of racing. I am sure he is fulfilling a dream to be able to make his students not only better racers but he wants to share in the pride of making them champions like he is.

I told him I wouldn’t go into details of the class and I think that is fair. I will say it is probably the best $150 you can ever spend to improve your racing program and to increase the number of rounds you win. He focuses on the low cost of this class and opens himself up to any and all questions. He asked us to think about the class and give him questions for the second day. He knows some guys will simply not ask questions in front of other racers and he deals with that on a personal level.

The interesting part of the school is the on-track part of it. That will cost you only $150 more and is THE BEST TEST SESSION YOU WILL EVER HAVE, in my opinion. Rather than a race, he personally works with each racer to see what they want to accomplish and guides them through some ideas to make them, the car and the combination of driver and car much tougher to get beat in actual race conditions.

I have raced for almost 40 years, won some races, lost some that I should have won, and had a great time meeting the people I have. I learned a lot and got to share some of my “lessons” at the school. If you take your racing seriously and want to win more races; this $150 Scotty Richardson Drag Racing School is simply the best deal in racing right now.

I think he has about 35 schools scheduled. You can find out for sure if you visit his website and see if there is one within driving distance at www.scottyrichardsonsdragracingschool.com   “Have you been SCHOOLED lately?”

Under the heel of a boot…at least it feels that way to me.

I just received word from another racer that NHRA has rescheduled the Division 2 LODRS event from Orlando Speed World to Atlanta Dragway. I talked to racers that had already reserved condos near Disney for the week of the Orlando race so it could be a family-style mini-vacation while they raced at Orlando and waited to leave for the Gatornationals in Gainesville the weekend after that. A lot of racers will lose deposits on motels and will have to cancel airline reservations that they will not a get a refund on all because of a last minute schedule change. Was this schedule change really necessary or is it another way for NHRA to keep the profits in their bank account by sticking the race at a track they own?