Are you kidding me or what?

Maybe I have been “on the road” for too long or maybe my mind has just melted into mush. Either way or whatever it is, I could not believe what I read in the DRO Agent 1320 Notes the other day. The NHRA will not offer round by round Sportsman coverage of National Events? Are you kidding me or what? Maybe I misunderstood; that can’t be right, can it?

Let’s see, maybe 50,000 members in the NHRA and I would just guess that 90% of the members are either Sportsman racers, bracket racers or don’t even race, they just want to stay in touch with the sport. Why would NHRA decide the Sportsman Racer, who spends a much larger percentage of their annual income than the Pro racers ever would to go racing, do not DESERVE or have not EARNED the coverage of their part of the National Events anymore?

If this is actually true or if it was even a misunderstanding they will now try to correct with their usual “smoothness,” it is an outrage. Where does NHRA really think they would be without the entire SPORTSMAN membership? The National Dragster would essentially just go away, the big salaries would disappear along with (hopefully) some of the guys running this nightmare. Advertising revenue would tank out, but whoever got that big contract to do the “improved” NHRA website would still think things are just great and make the site harder and harder to navigate. At least it has fancy pictures of the Pros and stories that surely someone is interested in. Right?

If this “kick in the rear” to Sportsman cacers is true and continues, it will probably do a couple of good things. DragRacingOnline.com will increase Sportsman Coverage even more than they announced last week. Advertisers will follow the Sportsman readers, if they are thinking straight, and revenue for the media that covers the Sportsman racers will increase. That means the revenue will be there to send more reporters to Sportsman events and the event and personal coverage will continue to grow.

I knew there was a good side to this announcement by NHRA. Sportsman racers, bracket racers, Test & Tune racers and Street Legal drag racers as well as Junior drag racers will be better off with the more in-depth and personal coverage the other media sources can provide. Plus, DragRacingOnline.com DOES NOT make you buy a membership to read about the events.

Enough on that, I am still trying to believe that NHRA would junk the Sportsman Racer like that, but they have surprised me before.