Volume IX, Issue 12, Page 2

Your Turn to Sound Off

I sat down to write a Dead-On column that would somehow let our readers and racers participate in the column. Most of you know that I still race as often as possible. I also will go watch every drag race or stock car race I can get to, even if I am not racing myself. I have raced for about forty years and am still blessed to be able to be competitive and enjoy every race I go to. I have seen just about every conceivable thing that can happen at a drag race. I am sure there are things that I am probably glad that I haven’t seen, but, truth be known, I have pretty much seen it all.


What I want to do this month is to see what those of you that still race are thinking, and those of you that either used to race, or are going to take up racing in the near future are thinking.

Some of the questions will be for racers only and other questions will be for non-racers only. By the time I am done I am sure there will be questions that apply to everyone who likes drag racing. This is a “pro-active column” and I hope you will take the time and send in some answers. I know we have hundreds of thousands of readers each month and this is a great format to have your opinions and ideas really matter. Almost every person involved in drag racing reads this column or hears about from a friend. Here’s your chance to stand up and be counted.

All replies will be confidential (unless you tell me you want your name associated with a really great idea) and the answers will be grouped into trends or opinions. The only chance we, as racers and race fans, have to make a difference is to share ideas and get them to a forum that is read by the powers that be.

The questions I am about to ask will have no right or wrong answers, I am just looking for opinions from people who actually deal with these questions.

These are questions for racers only:

What is the most important thing a local drag strip could do to make their events better for you?

What can your local track do to bring you back to race more often?

Does a track that has strict safety rules and procedures cause you to race there, less often or more often? Does it even matter to you?

Is the Winner’s payout the single most important thing that you consider when planning what events to attend? Does round money and entry fee play an important role, or do you not really care?

Safety equipment: This is a list of things I just don’t understand; how do you feel about these safety items?

Why do we have SFI expiration dates on aluminum transmission shields? Does the aluminum “go bad”?

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