Here’s another “Did You Know?”  Cruz Pedregon is supposed to be building a vintage Plymouth Arrow nostalgia funny car, Big Jim Dunn is often in the NHRA Heritage Series funny car pits, so is Gary Densham, Del Worsham and Ron Capps, your current NHRA Funny Car points leader, has won events driving a nostalgia funny car! 

And here’s another story idea: Big Show clutch specialist Nicky Boninfante has re-created the “U.S. Male” Mustang nitro funny car.  Now what’s the speedo on Force’s two-wheeler say?

Hey NHRA, how about throwing a bone to your very own Hot Rod Heritage Series events?  Having attended most of those Heritage Series events, I have noticed that the car count and spectator attendance is far better than your much-heralded, now defunct Sport Compact series. I’ll never forget Senior VP for Sales and Marketing at NHRA Gary Darcy telling me that they were seeing, “growth across the board at NHRA Sport Compact events.”  What a load of bullsh*t, but if you keep repeating the mantra, it will be so … unless someone digs for the facts.

Here’s another idea, NHRA and ESPN2 -- and please hand this copy to Paul Page when you show two nostalgia funny cars doing side-by-side burnouts to your ever shrinking audience -- “You can see vintage funny cars like these compete at the next stop on the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series schedule, the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals at Boise’s Firebird Raceway, celebrating its 38th year on August 14th to 16th with nitro funny cars and those wild front-motored top fuel dragsters.”

No, the NHRA Big Show isn’t the only drag racing game in town anymore, but Big Show snobbery is keeping NHRA from integrating their marketing and spreading the word of drag racing across the country for the betterment of the breed.  No, you won’t find John Force’s scooter at a Heritage event, but you might find Robert Hight pimping the Auto Club or any number of drag racing’s nobility at the California Hot Rod Reunion.  

I’d never expect NHRA/ESPN2 to mention another sanctioning body like ADRL or IHRA, but why not show the depth of the NHRA brand by mentioning the Heritage Series show?  

Shame on Paul Page, David Rieff and Mike Dunn and the entire NHRA Marketing and TV departments. But we now know how many miles Force puts on his scooter during a national event… pardon me while I puke!

NASCAR has a media campaign blitz currently running on TV and radio, “This is my NASCAR, your NASCAR, our NASCAR! “ Is there anyone but a few feeling that way about NHRA drag racing today?  Drag racing is about performance, not like other sports when sometime during the season our team will meet your team on the field. Drag racing is a gunfight on every pass in eliminations, the most democratic form of tournament, one-by-one until we find the top eliminator, not all the fluff stuff.