White Hall Drag-O-Way

In the mid to late 1950’s a group of young men from White Hall, Illinois, formed a car club and adopted the name, “Conquistadores”. In 1959, the group took on the task of hosting their own drag races.Their first races were held on the horse track at the Greene County Fair Grounds east of Carrollton, Ill.

Jim Baker added: In the beginning, and until at least 1965, the story of White Hall Drag-O-Way and Tri State Dragway at Kahoka, Missouri are almost identical.

Since none of the young ‘Conquistadores’ were 21, the Fair Board advised them they would need an adult advisor of legal age who would be responsible for their activities. David Graham, a Carrollton business man stepped up to the plate and took responsibility.

The club is quick to agree, “Without David’s faith in us, none of the drag strip would have happened. We are proud that David and his wife Martha attend our reunions in their 1955 Chevrolet convertible they’ve owned since new.” Note: Graham passed away recently much to the dismay of the club.