Viva Las Vegas V

Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 2015: Ageless Dick Kreiger, who for ten years has terrorized the action at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, executes a ‘burn out’ in a category of his choice at the local track. The high producing Las Vegas Valley real estate agent campaigns his ‘American Dream’ ’23 Ford T-bucket roadster throughout the southland.  (Photo by Brad Baker)

Las Vegas Speedrome, 1990s: For thirty years, the Speedrome kept drag racing alive in ‘Sin City’.  This photo of the starting line and tower is certainly time dated.  How many of today’s racers were around when the original corporate sponsorship of ‘Winston Drag Racing’ was a major part of NHRA? (File photo)

Every year, since 2010, we have brought DRO readers drag racing type happenings in and around the Las Vegas valley. The photo above was taken right about where the starting line is for the ‘Bull Ring’ at the current Las Vegas Motor Speedway plant. The track was known as the Las Vegas Speedrome and sat on the same grounds as the current mega facility. It might not have existed had it not been for Larry Horton who was the manager at the previous Las Vegas’ Stardust Raceway.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Danny Koker, star of ‘Counting Cars’, sits proudly on the front tire of one of his trophies, a pristine ’32 Ford Hot Rod Coup which is housed in his ‘open to the public’ museum in Las Vegas.  (File photo)

Recently, including 2014, there have been several very successful racing operations from the valley, plus several ‘eye catching’ drag racing type car shows. With over 2 million residents, and a ‘state of the art’ Bruton Smith Speedway, Las Vegas is no longer the small town market for performance it once was.

The TV presentation of ‘Counting Cars’ with Danny Koker as well as three major televised NHRA & NASCAR races have placed Las Vegas squarely on the ‘must see’ list for motorsports aficionados worldwide.