More Bracket Blasting at OCIR, Part II

“We have been archiving photos & information in preparation for this column. When final writing began, we noted there were far too many racers who made the 13 years of OCIR a time worth remembering. This will be a multi-part column with much more about OCIR Bracket Blasters in future DRO issues.” - I wrote this as part of my original ‘OCIR Bracket Blasters column, then ‘cut’ it due to space constraints. It certainly does apply.

In my first segment, I left out a racer who many believe was ‘King of the Brackets’ too. Larry Legowski started early when the track was just open. His reign of Bracket supremacy ended before Roger Brown and Dick Kreiger took over in the ‘70s. However there is no question, Legowski would have to be in the ‘OCIR Bracket Racers Hall of Fame’.

The re-print below from an OCIR ‘All Pro Series’ Program, illustrates the high status given to Bracket Blasters by track manager Mike Jones in the early days. As a side note, my wife Sherry and I ran the Sunday program which it speaks of for several months. We remember a club from Solana Beach named the ‘Kingsmen’ who came in force every Sunday. And this was before Interstate 5 was finished.