Gassers of Tri State Dragway

Burlington, Iowa, 1959: Parked at a local gas station is this 1934 Plymouth sedan which had inherited a 389 cubic inch Pontiac with Tri Power. When Kahoka opened in ’60, the ‘Miss Fit’ became the first TSD Gasser winner! The car was built by Ken Chenoweth, Wayne Crandle, and friends from Burlington.

Craig Tomfield caught this photo of a tribute to the original 5 men who constructed the ‘Missfit’ back in 1959. It is fitting, as this car was the first ‘superstar gasser’ at Kahoka!  (Photo by Tomfield)

When Tri State Dragway opened mid-way through 1960, there were several altered type machines ready for battle at the new 1/8 mile track. The original Gas Coupes to my memory were the Anglia A/Gas of Jerry Saar & Bob Morris from Keokuk, Iowa.