Move over Butch!  The Bruegges found maximum use for their nearly abandoned race car trailer. They use it to haul their ‘kettle corn’ machine to county fairs and outings. The kiosk reminds me of Butch Leal’s operation at Bakersfield. However, Ed & Nikki need to contact Butch about producing die cast replicas of the ‘Possum Chaser’, to increase their income.

Rural Iowa countryside, 1996: This is one of Ed’s ‘daily drivers’, an S-10 Chevrolet Blazer, slightly customized. Oh, and the power plant? Just a Bruegge built 454 with a 6-71 GMC blower!

Fairfield, Iowa, 2011: You never get over the ‘need for speed’!  This is Ed’s latest creation, a Chevrolet powered ‘air boat’!  It is the latest of several ‘boats’ big Ed fabricated. The machines are used by the Army Corps of Engineers for floods on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Last year, in 2011, Ed worked for the Gov’t on an oil spill in Battle Creek, Mich. This is Drag Racing ingenuity in action!  (Photo by Nikki Bruegge)

More than 50 years have passed since I first became acquainted with Ed Bruegge.  Some of us travel the globe in search of racing excellence; while others stay close to home and build a local legacy which reaches almost as far.  Since writing for DRO, I have gained respect for my friend from Fairfield, Iowa. This is due to the far reaching admiration many DRO readers have for ‘Big Ed’; from building cars for customers, to being one of a handful of drivers who could really ‘bring it’, and even with excellent musical ability, Ed Bruegge is a very special talent!

Congratulations & a ‘tip’ of my acorn cap:  To the ‘Crop Dusters’ from Illinois, for winning Top Fuel at the Bakersfield March Meet! To prominent Tri State Dragway & UDRA Pro Stock racer Larry Griffith, for winning Stock Eliminator at the Gatornationals, with a MOPAR drag pak Challenger! To Dave Smith & Don Forester for winning their class ‘Wally’ at the Summit Nationals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! And to Doug Lambeck for his runner-up finish to World Champion Dan Fletcher in Competition Eliminator at the same Las Vegas event!

Until Next Time, Be on Time!