Taking a look at what was left on ‘the cutting room floor!’

LET’S RECAP.... This odyssey started in Arizona during the Eisenhower ‘50s.  We scanned the Mississippi river valley of the mid-west and then went back to Arizona for a snapshot of drag racing in the Mel Larson era. Next, we brought you the opening of Orange County International Raceway in Irvine, California.  That connection provided insight to Bill Thomas Race Cars, which produced a relationship with Chevrolet Performance, with an opportunity go racing (again).

As 2011 unfolds, we (Ron Ogilvie, Len Rickards, and I) along with numerous others who have shared their memories and photos want to continue this column with the blessing of Jeff & Kay Burk and the staff at DRO.  We plan to revisit drag racing in Arizona, California, & Nevada; allow readers to meet and know in depth many stars of the sport who were indeed a part of drag racing “Then & Now”; feature several columns on early West Coast Pro Stock Racing during the ‘cubic inch to weight’ Classic Pro Stock years; and do flashbacks to the areas covered in 2010 as new material becomes available.

Here, for your enjoyment are some leftovers from 2010, in no particular order:

From Column 4, April:

All hail the turbo!  Last fall in 2009, this writer was duly impressed with the Pro Comp winner at LVMS. Since then, Brad Personette has dazzled the troops all over with wins at Indy and again three weeks ago at Las Vegas.   Sitting in the stands at ‘The Strip’ during two of Brad’s wins, I can ascertain that most fans cannot tell the difference between the Pro Mods like above, and the AA/FC nostalgia craze.  And for my money, I’ll bet ‘Big Stuff’ against any of them. (Photo by Tim Marshall)