Racing Series

2015 Hedman Husler Hedders
DragRacingOnline.com Nostalgia Nitro Challenge
Presented by Comp Cams

For more information contact series administrator,
Jeff Burk, at jeffburk@racingnetsource.com

2015 DATES

May 8-9, Beacon Dragway - Paducah, Kentucky - 1/8th mile track - 8 car field
July 18-19, Maple Grove Raceway - Mohnton, Pennsylvania - 8 car field
Aug 14-15, Beacon Dragway - Paducah, Kentucky - 1/8th mile track - 8 car field
Aug. 28-29, World Series of Drag Racing, Cordova International Raceway - Cordova, Illinois – 8-car field
Sept. 11-12, US 131 Motorsports Park - Martin, Michigan – 8-car field
Sept. 18-19, SEASON FINALS Tulsa Raceway Park - Tulsa, Oklahoma - 8-car field

Points awarded

Win – 100
Runner-up – 90
Semi-finals – 80
First round – 70

Champion wins trophy,
plus choice of jacket or ring

Qualifying points

1. 10 points
2. 9 pts
3. 8 pts
4. 7 pts
5. 6 pts
6. 5 pts
7. 4 pts
8. 3 pts

Points for setting records: Thirty (30) points will be awarded for setting a speed or ET record. ET must be backed up at event by second run within 1 percent to qualify as a new record. NHRA rules will apply for setting a record. Only one speed or ET record can be set per event.

General rules for 2015

Nostalgia Funny Car: The DRO rules for 2015 have not changed from 2014. NHRA Heritage Series rules apply except that the fuel pump does NOT have be certified and flowed by K.J. Crawford, but MUST be an approved part number.

Nostalgia Top Fuel: Dragster must be 100% NHRA Heritage Series legal.

Nostalgia Fuel Altered: DRO series Fuel Altereds must have a 100% legal NHRA Heritage Nostalgia Funny Car chassis and engine (NO EXCEPTIONS!), but instead of a Funny Car body it can have a Fuel Altered body. Front and rear wing are allowed. Minimum weight is 2250 lbs.



E.T. Record (Quarter Mile): Marc White, 5.707,
set at Tulsa Raceway Park, Sept 22
MPH Record (Quarter Mile): John Hale, 253.42 mph,
set at Martin, MI 2012

E.T. Record (Eighth Mile): John Hale, 3.818,
set at Texas Raceway (Kennedale), April 27, 2013
MPH Record (Eighth Mile): John Hale, 196.07 mph,
set at Texas Raceway (Kennedale), April 27, 2013

Hedman Husler Hedders Championship 2014 Final Points:

1. Shawn Bowen - 685
2. Mark Sanders - 580
3. Fred Farndon - 417.5
4. Bazz Young - 379
5. Paul Romine - 293.5
6. Kevin Lennon - 210
7. Brian Stewart - 130.5
8. Doc Halladay - 128.5
9. Wayne Mellinger - 110
10. Jake Jacobsmeyer - 95


  • Open eight-car or six-car qualified field. NHRA Sportsman ladder is used (1 vs 5, 2 vs 6, etc.) In a six-car field the quickest first-round loser comes back.

  • In qualifying, racers with highest number of points get first choice of when they will run.

  • NHRA rear tire rules for Heritage races apply.

  • NHRA safety rules apply. Front carbon fiber brakes not required unless car goes faster than 250 mph. If your car goes faster than 250 mph you will be allowed to finish the event with the steel brakes, but carbon fiber brakes must be installed before competing in the next DRO race.

  • One points-type magneto with a single coil. NO DUAL COILS are allowed.

  • 6:71 supercharger, maximum of 18.9 percent overdrive allowed.

  • Single 21-gpm fuel pump. Must have NHRA-approved parts number per Heritage rulebook.

  • Break rule: From the semi-finals on you must start the car, stage and take the green light in order to earn that round’s money. Break in qualifying, alternate goes in and you get first round loser points and money.

  • Winner and runner-up at each event must allow their fuel pumps to be disassembled and checked with a Go/No-Go gauge by Series Administrator Jeff Burk in order to receive DRO Series points and prize money for that round.

  • No entry fee. Driver plus five crewmembers are admitted free. Additional family or crew will be charged regular admission price.