Notes written on my napkin from the Just Burgers drive-in in Paducah, KY

I’m thinking that the combination IHRA and Hedman Husler Hedders DRO AA/FC Challenge event scheduled for July 18-19 at Cordova Dragway Park could be the best, most competitive, race in the short history of AA/FC racing! I say that because that race is a combined event and that means that in all probability not only will all of the past and present AA/FC champs from the DRO series, IHRA series and NHRA’s Hot Rod Heritage series be there, but both the DRO and IHRA cars have made laps in the 5.50’s.

Because of the $10,000 check the winner gets and the added qualifying money (9-12 non-qualifiers get $1,000), the best teams and drivers from all three series are likely to attend. Consider this lineup of racers who have said they will be at Cordova for this eight-car field: most if not all of the IHRA teams and drivers eligible for the $100,000 IHRA points fund which includes two-time DRO champ John Hale, two-time NHRA Heritage Series Champ Jason Rupert, three-time IHRA National Champion Peter Gallen, as well as 2009-10 DRO champ Paul Romine and 2013 DRO champ Shawn Bowen.

There has never been, to my knowledge, that many national champions of any class racing against each other at the same track at the same time. This race will be monstrous from the first qualifying session to the final round. With just eight spots available, qualifying alone will be worth the price of a ticket.

In addition to the champions listed, other racers who will probably attend include the Roland Leong-tuned Tim Boychuck car from Canada, Marc White in the Fred Mandoline-tuned “Flashback” (DRO ET record holder, Jim Broome’s two-car team from Arizona, Northwest Coast hitter Mark “Mr. Explosive” Sanders and probably the Frank Ousley’s “Crop Duster” that just spanked Cruz Pedregon in a Goodguys match race, plus a half-dozen or more teams.

If you are a fan of AA/FC nitro racing you’d better reserve your rooms and buy your tickets NOW!


Did I just slide into an alternate reality or is the crack NHRA promotion department actually trying to sell tickets to the 60th U.S. Nationals by offering a discount ticket to watch Don Garlits recreate his famous beard-shaving moment from the 1960s as part of a 45-minute spectacular? As I once heard a comedian say “If you remember the sixties you weren’t there!”

Let’s see... anyone who saw Garlits shave in 1967 would have to be in their late 60s or early 70s today. And the NHRA promotion department believes there a significant number of those fans that will buy a ticket to watch an octogenarian drag racing icon shave?

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