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Just Wondering... Remember when the sport of drag racing was all about competition and camaraderie no matter what part of the sport you were involved with? These days it seems that competition, camaraderie, and just doing the right thing is as rare as a real factory Super Stock 426 Hemi-powered ‘Cuda. Let me cite one example. Last weekend staff photographer Tim Marshall was assigned to cover an event for DRO out west. This was an event that DRO had gladly promoted at no charge in 1320 Notes, but when Mr. Marshall got to the track he was asked to leave. The race promoter had sold the exclusive rights to sell photos at that event to another photographer. Along with the exclusive rights to sell photos, the photographer’s contract with the race promoter allowed the photographer to decide who could and couldn’t take pictures at the track. For whatever reason that photographer decided Tim Marshall wasn’t allowed to take photos of the cars. Since the photographer we had assigned to shoot the race wasn’t allowed to do so, we decided not to do the extensive race report we had planned. What’s next, loyalty oaths to NHRA before you can buy a ticket?

Just Wondering... How many more preventable deaths does drag racing  have to suffer before head and neck restraint devices become a mandatory safety device for EVERY competitor? Pro, sportsman and Jr. Dragster alike. Parents, how would you deal with it if your child hit a concrete wall head-on in his or her Jr Dragster without a head and neck restraint device and was gravely injured or killed? I wouldn’t want that on my conscience, rules or no rules.

Just Wondering... Does an NHRA Nitro Funny Car body or parts thereof that have been blown 500 feet in the air due to an engine failure have to land in spectator seating before the NHRA Tech department starts working to keep Funny Car bodies from flying hundreds of feet into the air? They have taken measures to ensure other components of the race cars are secured in case of a bad crash or explosion.

Just Wondering... Am I the only confused Stock/ Super Stock fan who can’t make sense of or clearly understand the multitude of classifications? How would you explain a Super Stock GT class to a new fan or how AA/SS differs from AA/SA or AA/AH? Isn’t there some way to simplify the class monikers to make it easier for fans?

Just Wondering... If Tom Compton suddenly decided to retire, who would decide his successor? Does everybody on the NHRA VP list just move up one level?

Just Wondering... What would happen if the owners/operators of tracks that host an NHRA national event formed a real owner association and demanded changes and a bigger say  in how the series’ races are run? With the increasing number of major races other than NHRA events the tracks hold each year, the once-a-year or in some cases twice-a-year NHRA national events aren’t as important to those tracks as they once were but they are damn sure the life blood of the NHRA aren’t they?

Just Wondering... I’m always trying to find some way to make bracket racing more interesting for the casual fan. So, with entertainment in mind, am I the only one who thinks the 8.90 and 9.90 classes at NHRA national events would be a lot more interesting if they just ran 1/8th mile so fans could see the finish line? In bracket racing the last couple of hundred feet is where all the “action” in those races takes place.  If you are bracket racing and using throttle stops, stutter boxes or delay boxes, the track length is mostly not a factor.

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