Just Wondering on TV time

Just Wondering… I’m no expert but I am a serious student of aerodynamics for race cars and airplanes and have spent some time in a wind tunnel. This is just my opinion, but based on my own experience,a 12-inch long, ¾-inch tall “wickerbill” like the one on Tony Schumacher’s Top Fueler canopy that “sees” any “clean” air at all will develop some downforce. I also believe there is a good chance that the angle of the c anopy and the placement of the wickerbill could re-direct air flow that might normally pass under the injector hat, up and into it instead. Also I wonder if the added weight of the canopy combined with whatever downforce the wickerbill makes adds downforce to the rear tires? If having an enclosed canopy offers no advantage, why is the normally ultra politically correct Tony Schumacher making such a big deal out of it on camera every time he gets the chance?

Just Wondering… How many of the Top Fuel teams will have canopies with wickerbills installed in their cars for the U.S. Nationals. Answer: I bet the winner has one.

Just Wondering… Remember when the NHRA and Top Fuel guru Ray Alley were going to have a moratorium in the nitro classes for developing parts to make those cars quicker and faster? How the hell are 105+ gallon fuel pumps, better injectors, bigger cylinder heads and aero canopies not classified as new (expensive) parts designed to make nitro cars quicker and faster? Since Alley announced the performance moratorium estimated horsepower for a nitro engine has increased from 8,000 hp to 10,000!

Just Wondering… Did you know that a weekly bracket race at Billy Bader’s Norwalk racetrack draws more than 400 entries every time, according to Bill Bader Sr. That is one of the most impressive numbers I have heard recently. What do they do to make that happen?

Just Wondering… When is a Fortune 500 company going to get behind Erica Enders? She and Courtney Force are the real deals and both are in my opinion are great for drag racing and know how to handle themselves on and off camera.

Just Wondering… Nitro Harleys, nitro Suzuki’s, nitro Buells or gas burning versions of all? Want more fans, then bring back pro nitro bikes!

Just Wondering… How quick and fast the SS/AA supercharged, fuel-injected, and computer operated Mustangs would go if the factory guys took the gloves off? ET’s in the 7’s I’d bet, and who knows how fast. It’d sure be fun to see.

Just Wondering… When is Mopar going to supercharge the Challenger so they can run with the Mustangs?

Just Wondering… A nitromethane-burning internal combustion device that develops more than 10,000 horsepower -- isn’t that a text book definition of a rocket engine?

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