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Just Wondering… With all the problems the sport and business of drag racing face in these tough economic times how can the picayune issue of what kind of parking surface professional racers park on be a major issue and warrant rants from the racing press?

So some pro racers may have to park on a surface that isn’t pavement at Houston? Oh, the humanity! Some pro racers evidently are threatening to stay home if they can’t park on pavement. When the hell did drag racing become about track prep, paved parking and who has the biggest, longest, gaudiest trailer in the pits? For years pro racers in all classes parked on grass at the U.S. Nationals and no one threatened to not attend. 

Maybe the tracks should not spend so much money on trying to give racers perfect traction and instead spend more money paving the pits. Either way you can be sure that if the track operators spend money making the track perfect or paving more of the pits they will pass along the cost involved in increased ticket prices for fans and entry fees for racers. Millionaire racers whining about where or what they park their rigs on falls on the deaf ears of fans who have bought a $50 general admission ticket, a $10 upgrade for a reserved seat, paid to park in a plowed field, and then sit for hours on aluminum planks in the blazing sun drinking $4.00 water or $9.00 beers.

One solution for this problem might be that the NHRA only allow as many pro teams to enter as the track has paved parking for. So at Houston maybe NHRA and the Angel family should have cut the Pro Stock field to eight cars and eliminated the Pro Stock Motorcycle class, or the racers could just suck it up and do what a professional does: Deal with it!

Just Wondering… Do the management types at the major sanctioning bodies understand that the reason some of us are critical of the NHRA and other drag racing series isn’t because we have a personal axe to grind or wish them to fail? On the contrary, we love the sport, the races and the racers, and we are worried about their future.

If there is one thing we all should have learned by now it is that just being “positive” and not saying anything “negative’ about a sanctioning body, track, or race, or just ignoring reality does nothing to make a sanctioning body, series, race, or racer successful.

Just Wondering… Isn’t the IHRA Nitro Jam race program just a modified version of what promoters have long referred to as “Chicago style” racing? Chicago style is where everybody make a lap and the two quickest winners or sometimes just the two quickest cars come back for the final round. So don’t say the Nitro Jam format isn’t real racing; it’s just a variation on a theme.

Just Wondering… How can anyone afford to buy enough $9.00 beers at a race to get toasted? (Or is that the point?)

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