Just Wondering before the NHRA World Finals

Still Wondering… When will the NHRA management team get the clue that Detroit is largely using high performance (high horsepower) sedans to sell their brands, and create a professional heads-up class for those cars? Ford just announced they are making a new twin-turbocharged Mustang (50 of them) they say will run in the 8s which means it will run in the 7s. Can you say Pro Stock?   

Still Wondering… Does the NHRA take out rain insurance for their national events or is that just asking for trouble?

Still Wondering… What do you think will sell more spectator tickets at an NHRA national event, gas-burning Pro Stock Motorcycles or nitro-burning Top Fuel Bikes? I’ll buy a ticket anytime to see nitro-burning bikes.

Still Wondering… When is the NHRA going to revisit the idea of Sport Compact racers being included at some of their national events? At tracks such as Atco, Englishtown, Maryland International, Orlando Speed World, and others on the East Coast, some of their biggest races of the year are Sport Compact races. If the NHRA wants to fill some of those empty seats we see, instead of Pro Stock Bikes or Pro Mods, try adding a 16-car heads-up Sport Compact class at a few East Coast and Southern national events.

Still Wondering… What happens when they have a bad crash in the nitro classes on the current 1,000-foot track? What’s the next fix?

Still Wondering… Why is the NHRA management so adverse to slowing down the nitro cars and what possible reason do they have for not making 1,000 feet the standard length for all professional classes?

Still Wondering… Will the NHRA Pro Mod class become an all turbocharged class? In my opinion, unless they can come up with some rules to slow them down, absolutely! History has proven over and over that turbocharged cars inevitably dominate whatever class they’re in.

Still Wondering… How does the NHRA’s qualifying “little points’ make qualifying more exciting or suspensful? In my opinion (and I haven’t done any research) the only real beneficiaries of those points are the big-budget teams who can afford to run their cars all-out every lap.

Still Wondering… Is the track prep pendulum starting to swing the other direction? I’m starting to hear that more and more track operators are quietly opting out of spending $4,000-5,000 prepping their track for an event because they simply cannot afford it any longer.

Still Wondering… Why would a promoter put on a race (The Million Bracket Race) where the winner takes home a six-figure check and never send out any kind of results to the mainstream press? It’s almost as if they didn’t want anyone to know a racer won a race that paid $100,000 or more to win.

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