Just Wondering while drinking an ice cold Corona beer and eating the biggest and best BLT sandwich in the St. Louis area at my favorite O’Fallon, MO watering hole, Noll’s Restaurant

Just Wondering… Why the NHRA would adopt new Pro Mod rules that limit racers to just one manufacturer if they want to have a turbocharged engine after the failure of other monopolies they have approved, such as their disasterous rule that allows just a single screw blower manufacturer for the alky class, yet they allow anyone to build a roots-type supercharger for Top Fuel or Funny Car application?

Just Wondering… Who gets sued if an NHRA professional race car has a bad accident while racing at the IHRA-sanctioned Florida tracks of Palm Beach and Bradenton?

Just Wondering… What should observers and promoters take from the fact that the IHRA quit having one of their Nitro Jams at PBIR -- reportedly because it wasn’t profitable -- yet the NHRA pros come to the same track, charge the same amount (and in some cases more) for a spectator ticket, and absolutely sell the joint out to the point that cars were forced to park on the highway?

Just Wondering… Could we see an NHRA Cadillac Pro Stocker soon? The ATS  600+ hp six-speed sedan is a stylish and bad-fast car that would make a really cool Pro Stocker, wouldn’t it?

Just Wondering… What to think? I heard from a reliable source that before NHRA mandated many new rules for the Pro Mod class -- many of which are designed to keep the cars from going 260 mph in the quarter mile -- some prominent racers with superchargers and turbochargers volunteered to NHRA that racers would welcome a 1000-foot track, which they felt would “level the playing field” between supercharged, turbocharged, and NOS cars. The NHRA suits reportedly turned them down because they feared negative backlash from fans from going to the shorter course.

Just Wondering… Why anyone would voluntarily get into the drag racing promotion business these days? It has to be the most frustrating job on the planet.

Just Wondering… Why do some promoters insist on referring to Altereds that burn alcohol fuel as “Fuel Altereds”? It is false advertising. The only fuel an actual “Fuel Altered”  burns is NITROMETHANE! If it doesn’t burn nitro, it isn’t a real Fuel Altered. Got it? Good!

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