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Just Wondering … How many lawsuits will be filed against the track, the NHRA, and the traction compound maker after the fiasco of a national event at Phoenix?

Just Wondering … Is there was any doubt after the Phoenix broadcast that NHRA calls the shots on the content of the NHRA/ESPN broadcasts?  Even the dean of auto racing editors, Chris Economaki of National Speed Sport News, took ESPN and the NHRA to task over the coverage in his column.

Just Wondering … One last Firebird bit. Did you know they cancelled their scheduled drag racing at Firebird International Raceway until the third week in March because they are still trying to make the track serviceable?

Just Wondering … If faulty traction compound was the only problem with the Firebird track, how can it take a month to fix that?

Just Wondering … Will Warren Johnson get a single NHRA Pro Stock win this year?

Just Wondering … NHRA Worldwide. Was that just something NHRA did for the benefit of the Yas Marina group?

Just Wondering … Will we see an ADRL Pro Extreme run a lap in the 3.50’s this season? The Burkster says the odds are very good we will.

Just Wondering … Will 250-mph passes become common in NHRA Pro Mod? Odds for that are the same as the ADRL question: Very good.

Just Wondering … When will TV production companies realize that races featuring AA/FC and AA/FD and other nostalgia appearing cars are the hottest act in drag racing?

Just Wondering … Isn’t the real issue that the IHRA Nitro Jam faces not whether they can get crowds to attend their truncated “races” this year but whether fans will come back next year?

Just Wondering … Wouldn’t NHRA have served themselves and their fans and the racers better by paving the pit and parking area at their Gainesville facility instead of spending money on luxury suites and a new tower? When it rains hard at Gainesville there is no place to park the racers and fans except on dirt. Duh!

Just Wondering … How many NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide teams ever have to park their rigs on anything but asphalt?

Just Wondering … What does it say about the popularity and profitability of NHRA’s  sportsman series when their Southeast division  can’t get Bristol Dragway, South Georgia Motorsports Park, or Orlando Speedworld Dragway to have an LODRS race and the only way they could get five races in the division is to have two of them at Atlanta Dragway?

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