Just Wondering … If NHRA prez Tom Compton decided to follow Dallas Gardner and retire, could or would he get a similar benefit package to Gardner’s where he would get paid $300,000 a year for a hour of work a week? Oh, and who would be the next president and who would make that decision? 

Just Wondering … Are there any motorsports press, fans, or racers who find the current NHRA “Countdown to One” compelling or even slightly interesting? Aside from the PR generated by the NHRA itself I haven’t read anything in the mainstream press about it. Shouldn’t the NHRA brass just swallow their pride and get back to something everyone relates to?

Just Wondering …  Why are there still no NHRA Top Fuel or Funny Car records for 1,000-foot racing? I know I have asked this question many times but I’m going to keep asking until NHRA gives an explanation. I’m sure they have a perfectly valid reason, I just don’t know what it is… or could be. 

Just Wondering … Could we see the day when the National Dragster is an Internet-only publication?  

Just Wondering … Is professional drag racing’s biggest problem that their core audience and superstars are approaching the age where they can collect Social Security benefits?

Just Wondering … If NHRA were to sanction fewer national events wouldn’t they then have more pro race teams and cars at the remaining events and, as a result, better and more exciting races? 

Just Wondering … Why is it so difficult for the NHRA suits to come up with a few changes that would restore the unique character and attraction that the U.S. Nationals once had for fans, racers and the mainstream media? Here is one suggestion: allow the nitro cars run a quarter mile at the U.S. Nationals only. The track has plenty of width and length and a state-of-the art sand trap.

Just Wondering … Am I the only one that is no longer interested in the eight-car “shootouts” for Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Bike?

Just Wondering … Will NHRA withdraw a national event from a track that currently has one and award the date to Bruton Smith’s zMAX Dragway in Charlotte? I say yes, and the most likely tracks on the chopping block (in my opinion only) would be Memphis, St. Louis, Brainerd, or Seattle!

Just Wondering … Will the Chrysler Group decide to concentrate on drag racing and withdraw from the much-more-expensive-for-them NASCAR? There are some signs that the Mopar NHRA program has a pulse, as they opted to continue their backing of the Denver NHRA Mile-High Nationals and are going forward with their NHRA Super Stock program. 

Just Wondering … Should they change the nickname of NHRA’s three races coming up from the “West Coast Swing” to the “West Coast Drag” or “West Coast Death March”?

Just Wondering … As grueling and punishing as the NHRA West Coast Swing is on teams, is it the toughest part of the 2009 schedule for NHRA pro teams? In my opinion the answer is NO. I think the four races in a row they attend after the U.S. Nationals where they race in successive weekends at the Charlotte, Dallas, Memphis and Richmond tracks is worse. And they start that torturous trail after just one weekend off after the five-day marathon that is Indy.

Just Wondering … Why does NHRA continue with the pointless driver introduction ceremony at the start of each national event? It doesn’t add to the drama of the moment and the fans usually are either in the john or at the concession stand while that bit of fluff is going on.