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Wondering as the leaves start to turn colors

Just Wondering… Why the NHRA and Lucas Oil don’t put more time and effort into making the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series more of an attraction for spectators? 

Just Wondering… Why the track owners and managers that bring in the ADRL and make a good profit despite offering fans free tickets can’t find a way to apply that business plan to Lucas Oil series events.

Just Wondering… If free tickets bring massive crowds out to see eighth-mile ADRL doorslammer racing, then why not apply the same to T/AD, T/AF and maybe Pro Mods plus 300 sportsman cars at LODRS? Am I missing something here?

Just Wondering… Am I the only fan who would rather see 15 Top Fuel cars qualifying for eight spots than 15 or 16 cars qualifying for 16 spots? Remember when qualifying at an NHRA national event was just as exciting as race day itself?

Just Wondering… Is there any doubt that the best qualifying show for spectators at an NHRA national event was when 24-26 Pro Mods were qualifying for eight spots?

Just Wondering… If nitro cars on the quarter mile is so much more entertaining and compelling than 1,000-foot racing, why does the IHRA still have serious problems filling their stands? The price of a ticket is damn sure cheaper than an NHRA ducat.

Just Wondering… Am I the only fan who would trade the four or five hours of NHRA drag racing on ESPN for just one well-edited, action-packed NHRA race show a weekend?

Just Wondering… Are there too many NHRA national events during a season, or not enough?

Just Wondering… Am I the only fan who factors in whether the Pro Mods are in the program when deciding which NHRA events to attend?

Just Wondering… Still on the Pro Mod subject, when are they going to bring Pro Mods to Pomona?

Just Wondering… Could anyone have predicted that Evan Knoll would go so far off course?

Just Wondering… History aside, what is so special about the U.S. Nationals these days?

Just Wondering… Since Pro Stocks have nothing in common with a current American, German or Japanese passenger car, why not spice up that tired act a little and let them run nitro? Same for Pro Stock Bikes. Those classes desperately need something to get the mainstream fan interested.

Just Wondering… Why don’t the NHRA media folks have an LODRS rookie-of-the year just like they do for the POWERade pros? I for one am tired of hearing they don’t have the time. I don’t know for sure how much money Coca-Cola puts into the Pro(gram) but Forrest and Charlotte Lucas have written a large check to NHRA to support the sportsman series and in my opinion should be getting a bigger bang for their bucks.

Just Wondering… Will the acquisition of the IHRA by entertainment giant Feld Entertainment mean a shake-up at that sanctioning body?

Just Wondering… How the Army feels about Kenny Bernstein getting a four-race “trial” Air Force sponsorship for his Funny Car operation? Does that mean the Air Force will have a recruiting presence in the pro pits?

Just Wondering… Why does the NHRA continue to stifle competition and the race teams’ ability to attract sponsors by giving certain sponsors an exclusive? Why not allow the Army, Navy and Air Force to all sponsor teams and recruit? Who is afraid of what here?

Just Wondering… Can we all just agree that the so-called NHRA Countdown Championship is a bust as far as attracting more media attention and just go back to a Championship program that doesn’t exclude any teams after a certain date?

Just Wondering… What happened to the supposed nitro shortage? You can buy all you want now if you are willing to pay about $2,000 a barrel.

Just Wondering… Think the price of nitro is high? How about the price of oil for alky and nitro cars? The cost of a 55-gallon drum ranges from $500 to $1500.

Just Wondering… Am I the only fan that wishes that Pro Stockers still did big wheelstands?

Just Wondering… The Hemi Challenge (at Indy and other races) is probably my favorite class currently, but wouldn’t it be really cool if there were a  race where Ford and Chevy cars equal to the SS/AH were allowed and all of the brands competed against each other?

Just Wondering… Isn’t it time for the NHRA to come on into the 21st century and change the Pro Stock power-plant to small blocks, turbochargers and flat hoods? Yes, it would be expensive but Pro Stock is already a millionaires’ class. It would be nice if the class had cars and powerplants the 18-35 year-old fan could relate to. 

Just Wondering… With the entry by the country of  Bahrain into the Top Fuel sponsorship business, how long before a Nitro Funny Car or Pro Stock team gets one of those sponsors?

Just Wondering… Did everyone forget that Tony Schumacher and DSR won an NHRA Top Fuel World Championship before Alan Johnson came to their team?

Just Wondering… Why do some fans still believe that Alan Johnson is making parts for DSR that no else can buy? Trust me, the rest of teams, the PRO, the NHRA (which has no love for DSR Racing) and the other millionaire owners simply won’t allow that to happen.

Just Wondering… Now that the Chrysler and Ford factories have officially entered into the NHRA Stock and Super Stock classes with factory cars, can Chevy be far behind?

Just Wondering… Will the marketing geniuses at the NHRA take advantage of the fact that the Detroit factories are getting ready to go to war in those classes? Do they realize the potential interest in the press a “Ford vs Mopar vs Chevy battle” with identifiable showroom stock-appearing cars could generate?