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Just wondering….Where’s the pre-season buzz for NHRA and IHRA drag racing? As I sit here writing this on January 19th the lack of “buzz” in the media for the 2007 professional drag racing season, aside from the “surprise” Ashley Force announcement and her USA Today ad is deafening!

Just wondering….Why is it that drag racing’s professional teams allow new major sponsorships to leak to the media and then insist on holding a press conference to make a “Major Announcement” and wonder why it doesn’t generate more interest?

Just wondering….When are major drag racing’s team owners, management teams and sponsors going to realize that the internet is the “morning news” for a large majority of people especially motorsports fans? Because drag racing gets little coverage compared to other sports in major newspapers and network TV. The sanctioning bodies and race teams ought to be spending more time and money promoting their sport on the internet and I mean with the internet magazines and news sources.

Just wondering…while I’m on the subject, are the execs and team owners in drag racing, many of whom often ignore or discount the internet, aware that industry surveys prove that newspapers and magazines are losing readers, advertisers and market share with the coveted 18-35 demographic at an increasing alarming rate while the internet’s numbers are soaring!  DRO had over 3,000,000 unique visitors in 2006 and we have the data to prove it!

Just wondering … Why is it that when I look at restored Top Fuelers and Funny Cars from the early days of the sport and then compare the "restored” car to actual photos of the cars as they were when they were being raced, the restored versions often appears as if they have benefited from a little (or a lot) of cosmetic “improvements”?

Just wondering….Am I the only one who would rather see vintage race cars as they appeared when they were actually being raced complete with duct tape, cracks, bends, scrapes  and burnt paint intact?

Just wondering….Have you noticed that a lot of Geezers (the Burkster included) have memories that are so good they can remember stuff that never happened or existed?

Just wondering…. I’m the guy who said give it a chance but am I the only one who is now wondering how the 2007 NHRA “Chase for the Championship” can deliver more drama than the last race, last lap scenarios that the Funny Car and Top Fuel classes delivered in 2005 and 2006 respectively?

Just wondering… Did I miss something or did the mainstream press mostly ignore NHRA’s 2005 Funny Car and 2006 Top Fuel championships? Isn’t this an indication that drag racing still needs a lot more exposure before it will be  considered a major auto racing series?  

Just wondering…What did the NHRA board of directors do to Las Vegas scribe Jeff Wolf to make him so angry at them? Man, he is so brutal in his columns about  those guys that they could  actually start liking me.  Naw, not a chance!

Just wondering….What will the NHRA management do should National Event tracks such as the Texas Motorplex, Norwalk Raceway Park and St. Louis decide to hold an ADRL event even if NHRA threatens them with de-sanctioning if they do… cancel the NHRA National Events at those tracks? I don’t think so

Just wondering….Do most track owners actually read the sanctioning agreement paperwork they sign or just start writing the sanctioning body a check? I’ll bet more of them are having their lawyers read them now that the NHRA and the ADRL are feuding and NHRA is telling the owners what they can and cannot do!

Just wondering….With her high-profile PR company, Ford and Dad’s money powering her could Ashley Force be America and Corporate America’s next “Danica Patrick”? My gut feeling is yes.

Just wondering… Has there ever been another time in auto racing history with as many quality women racers competing? It’s worth noting that most of the most successful professional drivers are drag racers.

Just wondering… What’s the major difference between Danica Patrick and Ashley Force? Answer, Ashley has multiple wins at National Events while Danica hasn’t.

Just wondering… When the AMS/NHRA Pro Mod series will announce a firm schedule? I’m sure the series will happen, it’d just be nice to know when and where after Gainesville and Houston. 

Just wondering….. What are they counting, eyes? NHRA recently announced an estimated viewership of 88 million for the 2006 season and mentioned that viewership for the TV shows was up for the sixth straight year. That’s be a great report except that the Joyce Julius report which is considered the definitive source for those kinds of figures estimates about half that number. 

Just wondering…Is there any doubt who will be the NHRA rookie-of-the year for 2007? I have just two words for you Ashley Force or as she will be referred to by DRO from now on “Nitro’s Child”

Just wondering…Why more IHRA and NHRA division race promoters don’t just open the gates and give the fans free admission and make the profit on the sales of overpriced adult beverages, nitro nachos and track dogs? 

Just wondering….Why someone hasn’t offered Dale Armstrong enough money to come out of retirement and why he still isn’t in Garlit’s Hall of Fame. Shame on you selectors for passing this legend up.

Just wondering…. What the NHRA and drag racing would be like if Wally Parks were still in charge?