It’s August, the Dog Days of Summer, so this photo taken by Don Eckert
at Bowling Green’s Hot Rod Reunion seems appropriate.

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

I'm here for a heart. Where's the great and powerful Oz? - R. Lindzy Crown Point, IN

Honorable mentions

  • "That's what you think! What you can't see is where I'm holdin' the camshaft!" - Eddie Ray, Michigan
  • Due to the current economic status of robotics, modern science and the NHRA have teamed up to bring you the ‘6 Dollar Man.' - Karl Wortman,  Akron, Oh    
  • TRANSFORMERS 4 COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU. - Michael Anderson, Clearwater, FL   
  • Bret K demonstrates radical new exercise equipment, warns "Don't get neck caught in belt". - Cliff Morgan, Phoenix, AZ  
  • Wait 'till Jeff {Arend] tries to win this round without this stuff! - Jan Patrick Williams, Timberlake,NC 
  • Bit by bit, piece by piece, his tribute to the greatest Top Fuel scrounger of all time, 'Starvin' Marvin Schwartz, was coming together nicely. - Mike Gamache, Montreal, Canada