Tog, editor of www.eurodragster.com, sent us this photo from the FHRA Nitro Nationals at Alastaro, Finland.
That’s Dave Wilson’s Top Alcohol Dragster at the right. What’s your caption?

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

"Yeah, just look straight ahead and think about the rabbits. That's it, I can do this.” - Kenny Shane, New York

Honorable mentions

  • “No, Bret, I won't wear a bunny costume for you!" - Jeff Correll, Knox, IN.
  • “I can keep my gut sucked in as long as she can talk." - Norman Hechtkoff, Central PA
  • "Mannnn, I hope she's about done, I can't hold it much longer...." - Brian Kingdon
  • “I wish that was MY MICROPHONE she was holding." - John Mazzarella, Spring Hill, FL
  • "Is he still behind me? Someone please call the police." - Rick Lindzy, Crown Point, IN
  • "Bret stands in the background thinking, 'Mmmmmm...now there's a bunny I'd like to add to my collection!'" - Adam Foreman, Brisbane, Australia