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And the winner of last month’s contest is

"We have all heard of exhibition vehicles, what we have here is a new drag racing phenomenon the exhibitionist" driver. Personally, I'll stick with the wheelstanders.” - Brian Bednar, Ocala, FL

Honorable mentions

  • “ I'm not really sure what this picture means............. But I'm just really glad I didn't ask to see the rear end.” - Karl Wortman, Akron, OH
  • “ See I told you I was excited to to win. I can cut glass with these.” - Mike Musgrove, US
  • " It's Bounty Hunter Dude! Not Bounty Hooter.” - Jeff Wilson, Kenai, Alaska
  • “ Photographer Donna, I showed you my boobs now it's your turn.." - Jack Martin, East Hartford, CT
  • " OH, my bad I thought this was the "Indian nippless 500"!"- Brian Bednar, Ocala, FL