Reader David Oakes of Elyria, Ohio, caught this moment at Norwalk’s Night Under Fire. What’s the caption? (Watch it now.)

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

“Where's the wheelstanding sleeper-sofa I was suppose to be up against!?!” -Eddie Ray, Michigan

Honorable mentions

  • “Hey! Take it easy on the after burner, I almost dropped the channel changer.” - Bob Fisher, Katy,TX
  • “I never imagined lighting a fart would get me past the 1,00 ft mark !” - Bell, CA
  • “ Everyone on the message boards insist that an "armchair" crewchief couldn't make it down the track !!!” - Robert M. Denny, Marshall, IL
  • “ This new ESPN 3D camera makes watching at home seem so real!” - Jody Putnam, Homewood, AL
  • “ Apparently when Cra-z-boy's doctor told him no more jet powered bar stool racing, and to take it easy for a while, he didn't quite understand what Doc meant.” - Don Rosenberry, Galesburg, IL
  • “ Powered by natural gas - Performance and EcoFriendliness in one..” - David Oakes, Elyria, Ohio