Sonoma, CA, circa 1988. What’s the caption?

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Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"'Nope. Not fueled by alcohol. Nope. Not fueled by high octane gasoline either...100% methane."-- Karl Wortman, Akron, OH

"Appalachian Motors introduces it's new for 2010 Alternative Fuel Hybrid."-- Jimmy Fox, Mooresville, NC

"Whew, no more extra hot sauce bean burritos for me --now if I can just find some nomex toilet paper." -- Mike Walker

"Wow! I knew i shoulda' took some Beano before I ate all the jalapeno frijole casserole last night." -- Henry Perry, Flower Mound, TX

"DAMN YOU TACO BELL!!!!" -- Brian Bednar, Ocala, FL

"NHRA welcomes Outlaw Pro Methane class at next even!" -- Justin H. Triplett

"Boy, Jeg's Chef Nicky's bean dip is powerful stuff!" -- John Godingo, Chino, CA

"The Muscial Fruit Fuel Co. is close to finalizing it's development of the new non-petroleum race fuel mandated by the Obama Adminstration." -- Jim Barrett, Beaumont, CA

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