Volume X, Issue 5, Page 153

James Drew photo

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After much debate, the winner is Jennifer Pierce from Farmington, MO.

"Tom Compton and Jerry Archambeault doing their best to avoid the media while exiting the tower after the Las Vegas race."

Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"Build the border fence if you want, but NHRA needs as many paying fans as possible..." -- Larry Barrios, Prairieiville, LA

"I guess we're not in Kansas anymore Toto." --Rich, South Colton, NY

"Seriously Pedro, that beer cozy makes you look ridiculous." -- Eric Bybee, New York, NY

"Hey, that chick thinks we're the Pedregon brothers." --Richard, Valicito Creek

"Pit pass? We don't need no stinking pit pass." -- John Godinho, Chino, CA

"Jose and Carlos cruising the mfg's midway for babes, knowing they had seen the girl of their dreams duck down the row playing hard to get!" -- Bryce Alberts, Las Vegas, Nv.

"The Tradicion Azul Tequila Funny Car team's P.R. master, "Berserko" Bob Doerrer, recently began interviewing potential hospitality assistants to help entertain corporate guests. Juan and Pepe were in contention until team owner/driver, Bob Gilbertson noticed they drank the wrong sauce and carried another driver's souvenir bag. They did receive extra points for their colorful sombreros and overall authenticity." --Randy Fish, Orange, California

"And in a DRO exclusive, we were able to snap this photo of two I.C.E undercover agents as they stealthly mingled in the crowd." -- Mark A. Wales, Scottsdale, AZ

"Juan and Ernesto couldn't quite put their finger on it, but it seemed that they were being stared at all day!" --Mike Gamache, Montreal, Canada

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