Photographer James Drew couldn’t help but notice these two young ladies at the World Finals in Pomona. What do you have to say?

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Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"Yea, when Schumacher finally paid his fine, he handed us a stack of bills this high."- - Ken Chermer, Ostrander, OH

"Light: "I get my best advice from these guys who talk to me each night.  They're about this tall, and they live inside the walls of my kitchen pantry."-- Ken Chermer, Ostrander, OH

"Ron like I said "I before E except after C."--Anthony Walls, Woodbridge NJ, John Mazzarella, Spring Hill, FL, Richard Gebhart, Marine City, MI

" And that, Ron, is where babies come from. " --Molly Ashby

"Well Ron, as the piston goes up, the cylinder space gets smaller." --Phil Trover, Orlando, Florida

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"Then the rabbit goes thru the hole and thats it. Thats how you tie a bowtie." Ron Blanford, Indiana

"So my guess is - up about that much further - I woulda found the traction control device." Eddie Ray, MI

"Of course, we will be wearing gloves and lubricant for the actual testing." Joe Dupuis, Harrisville, MI

"My index finger is you and Waltrip is this much taller." Pete, IL

"Yes, Ron, I make one decision at a time and usually miss 'em by this much." Norman Wellman, Manchester, PA