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This photo was sent to us by Jeffers Pro Cars.

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After much debate, the winner is Don Rosenberry from Galesburg, IL, who submitted:

"Crankshaft for sale, low runs, one small nick on rod journal, should polish out. Also blower pulley and seven good rod bolts. Oil pan, slight blemish on sides and bottom. Injector hat good condition except rotor shaped hole in top. Medium size fire suit slightly scorched in front, stain in rear. Make offer. Call Rod Slinger 555-1212. "

Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"Dis widdle piston had nitro, Dis widdle piston stayed home, and Dis widdle piston went airborne...Need we continue? " -- Karl Wortman, Akron, OH

"Don't worry guys, I kept the receipt, just tell them they sent the wrong size. " --Jim Mulcahy, Tuscan, AZ

"I get back with a beer and the dang 4-year old meets me at the door with a claw hammer and proudly blabbers 'daddy, daddy, I help, daddy." " -- Kile Putman, Homewood Alabama

"BURK! I told you not to add tuneup tips you overheard. " -- Lee Gardner

"Confucius say--Man who run 100% nitro doing research in Big Bang theory. " --Tom Drake, Matthews, NC

"Think you guys can fix it? We need the 2nd round money to get home! " -- Bob Klein Claymont, DE

"Famous last words. 'Hey ya'll, watch this!' " -- Jim Raynor, Paducah, KY

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