Volume X, Issue 4, Page 104


by Dave Koehler
from 2003

What is the difference between lowering your fuel pressure and changing the fuel jets to a smaller size? Is the pressure and volume going to mix that much differently or is the pressure needed so it gets the right amount of atomization with the nitrous through the fogger nozzle for mixing?

Andrew Wenzl


When all is said and done there is no difference in flow. You can have a smaller jet with higher pressure or a larger jet with lower pressure and get the same flow through a nozzle. X amount of fuel flow for a given potential HP setting is the important thing. Higher pressure does create a finer mist IF it slams against a restriction like the end of a nozzle. This finer mist will allow more of the fuel molecules to catch and burn thereby creating the potential for more horsepower or at the least, a cleaner tune up. Watch DRO for an article on this in the coming months.

Have a safe race,

Dave Koehler

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