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I have a '69 Nova with one of cop. eng. ladder bar set up and coil over set up. This past winter I had a local chassis guy install double adjustable shocks and 12 inch coil covers with a 130 rate spring. I have a small block 421, the best time last year was a 9.91 at 134 mph on m/t radials with a 400 turbo and a 139 60'. This year with the new shocks the car won't 60'. When I first started it wouldn't leave at all but by playing with the shocks my 60' time became better but not the same. My friends told me I was hitting the tire too hard so I put a glide in the car with a 176 first gear. Now the car picks the front up and when they come back down the suspension uploads. The ladderbars are in the middle hole and my pinion angle is -4 degrees. Help please.

Brian Wingate, Pasadena, Maryland

You may be looking at the wrong end if the car. To lose of a fronts shock will do just what you have going on. The front comes up real easy and with the glide when it runs out of torque it drops the front end to fast and too hard. It sounds like the glide helped with the over hook from the too hard of hit. But you need to control the front, Qa-1 makes a great adjustable shock for the front of your car. You can slow the rise of the front end and this will make the car drive out more before it thinks about coming down. It may even just keep the wheels on the ground and stay hooked. But what fun would that be.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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