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Still not worth the money

Mr. Burk, thank you for responding to my e-letter. I prefaced it by telling you how much I appreciate the service you provide, so when you ask, "aren't we worth the time?" I thought I established that. Then you asked, "would you like to pay for it?" Mr. Burk, if that were the only option to get the information, the answer would be "yes". Ipay for a couple of magazine subscriptions I have maintained for years. One is the New Yorker, and it isn't like they don't have a web site. The product has value; they can charge for it. 

If you ask me, one of the conundrums the web has created for businesses is the "free" access. Do I have to tell you what is happening to print newspapers across the nation due to an online nation? What I'm suggesting is that the nature of online publications has already prohibited you from charging. I'd pay though, because you give me something of value.

When I talked about Marco Abruzzi saying it was "easier on parts", I think  -  and I can't read  his mind  - he found something positive in the experience, but I feel he wanted to say, "but it's not quarter mile."

I really believe, judging from my forays at the drag strips of Milan, Martin, Bandimere, Columbus or Norwalk, that if ADRL tried to charge for 1/8 mile racing, they would be having a liquidation give away, not sale.


Richard Gebhart
Marine City, Michigan

Worth the money

Wow! Injected nitro doorslammers in ADRL. I'll pay to watch.

Tom Schiltz
North Canton, Ohio

Who complained?

To say the NHRA bowed to the pressure from the BAD guys is a load of crap, they had nothing to do with the decision, the decision is completely NHRA's and they did it without actually listening to either type of cars in the class. Get your facts straight!!!

Dean Murdoch

Yeah, just who are your sources?

Mr. Burk, how can you make a statement (succumbing to blown alky racers) that this is why the new rule change will be in effect? Do you know something we are not privy to? You must have some inside info that even the racers don't have. I personally take offense with your statement and would like to know the source of your information.

Mike Kosky
TAD racer