Chris, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Before we turn you loose, just one last thing we would like you to do and that is a one-word association drill?

CB: I've never been able to give one-word answers. I can barely give one-sentence answers but go for it.

Track prep (all motorsports but especially drag racing): Euthanasia! The current practice is slowly killing drag racing and tracks at all levels. Especially on the grass roots level such as drag radial racing.

Wally Parks: His influence has been missed.

Thousand-foot track for nitro: Good. We should make that the distance for all classes.

Jr. Dragster: Too expensive! Intimidating for newcomers. Let's make it look easier and cheaper…like karting and quarter midgets.   

NHRA race broadcast: Glad Dave Rieff is there. He's been great.

John Force: He is the reason I'm in the sport. He's been a great friend and supporter.

Pro Stock: Love the people in it. Hope more people join the club.

NHRA ticket prices: A good value when compared to other major league sports events.

Bracket Racing: A fun participant sport but hard to explain to fans.

Weather: Something you deal with.

Instagram: If you aren't using it to promote your product then you are crazy.

Add-on comment regarding Peter Clifford asked just before press time:

When you heard the news that Peter Clifford was the new President of NHRA, what were your thoughts and what do you think so far? 

CB: I knew it would be the easiest transition ever for any sports property.  Peter knows NHRA inside and out. While he wasn't the guy shaking hands and kissing babies at the races, Peter was the guy back in Glendora working on everything. He knows everyone in the sport, was instrumental in making sure the sport was protected during the recession and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. I think his first 10 days on the job have demonstrated that he's not afraid to make big changes. The hiring of Terry Blount was big and his Fox TV deal was huge. I've known Peter a long time and I've always respected the fact that he's very strategic. He has the support of the track operators and the moves he's made so far are making an impression on the people who don't know him.