What is your take on the Tom Compton/Peter Clifford drama at NHRA? In your opinion was Mr. Compton a good president and what will Mr. Clifford bring to the table?

AP: I think it’s no one’s business. I think Tom was a good President because he guided the company through some turbulent economic times. He had to make some tough decisions. I don't think he was a visionary; I think he was a survivalist. I don't know Peter but he had better bring an entertainment mindset to NHRA. He is inheriting a very unenviable task.

   The IHRA has been bought and sold many times the NHRA none. In your opinion why hasn't the NHRA been successfully sold?

AP: It may be because it is chartered as a non-profit company and that may lead to legal issues that would stifle the passion of any would-be buyer. Other issues might be because you are inheriting a number of track partners that participate in national event income streams. The other issue is that the risk vs. return given the fact that this is an outdoor sport may slow up any potential ownership group.

  Is NHRA/IHRA drag racing a premier spectator sport?

AP: Not even close.

  Will the NHRA switch to Fox Sports from ESPN and a hard broadcast time be a benefit for professional drag racing in general? 

AP: No. I will bet the numbers will not change. The issues that need to be fixed are not suddenly going to change because of a switch to Fox Sports. If the network was CBS, NBC, ABC or FOX that would change everything.

   What impact if any on ticket sales, racer participation, and sponsors would a same-day TV broadcast have on the IHRA?

AP: Same day TV coverage of IHRA events would be the death knell of IHRA. It is not affordable and would put IHRA in a financial cesspool they would never recover from.

  Should the job of IHRA or NHRA president present itself would you take the job? If not, why not?

AP: Now that's funny. There is this little issue with Parkinson's disease that might get in the way but, hey, with the mind altering drugs I'm on the next big idea for drag racing might be just a pill or a dose of medical marijuana away. Seriously, I would like to stay involved in some fashion but my Presidential days are over.

   Ohio Players or Joe Walsh? Alice Cooper or White Snake? Willie Nelson or Charlie Pride? And, finally, boxers or briefs?

AP: Joe Walsh during his James Gang days. Alice Cooper (seen him three times) plus he is an avid golfer. Willie Nelson. Mid-calf boxer briefs.