: Why hasn’t Steve Vick come forward?

KN: Because I haven’t asked him to.

: Isn’t it time you asked him?

KN: Oh, absolutely. And he will.

: When did you decide to go public and state that the ADRL had never gotten the rest of the money Sheikh Khalid owes?

KN: The money doesn’t come. Now a week goes by, two weeks go by. I don’t know when it was that I finally just said I just can’t take it anymore. Somebody had put something up on the Internet – one of Todd Tutterow’s employees if I’m not mistaken – put something up that they knew for a fact that we had been paid the money. I, who had never participated on YellowBullet.com in my life, made mistake number 3 in the three-mistake process. 1) I never should have gotten in bed with him (Sheikh Khalid al Thani) to begin with. 2) I should have canceled the race and 3) I should never had said anything on some f**king message board; I should have gone to a legitimate journalist and had a conversation.

But it was late at night, I had a wife who was admittedly pissed off at me, I was disappointed with myself, and I had had a few adult beverages, so I responded back basically with a “Screw you. That’s not what happened” ... whatever. I’m sure it’s still out there somewhere on the Internet to find out exactly what I said. I never named Sheikh Khalid by name; I never named the sponsor. I said the sponsor did not fulfill their commitment.

So at that point Jason Scruggs is pissed off at me, his dad is pissed off at me. Even to this day I still think the world of Jason and Mitchell Scruggs and Roger Henson. I think what they’re doing today for eighth-mile drag racing by continuing it is admirable. However, I do have to say that it burns my ass that they’ve let me swing in the wind, knowing full well that I was not paid that money.

Jason Scruggs was on that call. He knows what was discussed and I’m willing to sit in a courtroom, sit for a polygraph, do whatever needs to be done. Those are the facts!

: So, you’re saying the Sheikh didn’t pay and that’s what caused all these problems. The next question is, are Jason Scruggs, his dad Mitchell, Roger Henson and whomever suing you for $350,000?

KN: Yes.

Nowling and his wife, Jessica, now promote Mixed Martial Arts bouts in St. Charles County, Missouri, using the same free-ticket model they began with the ADRL.

: They are still owed $350,000?

KN: Absolutely. They bought the ADRL back for us; Fight Hard MMA, LLC owns the American Drag Racing League. They are suing Fight Hard MMA, LLC, and Jessica and I individually because we signed the documents. The bottom line is, does the American Drag Racing League that’s owned by Fight Hard MMA, LLC, owe them that money? Does the American Drag Racing League owe the racers some money for payouts at the end of the year that it wasn’t able to make because of the financial situation that we were put in by Sheikh Khalid? Absolutely. And again, I take 100% of the responsibility for that. That will forever be my cross to bear and no one else’s!