: To clarify, why again was more than $630,000 owed to you instead of $500,000?

KN: To cover the Pro Drag Radial purse, the increase in purses, and the Battle for the Belts. It was north of $630.000. Well, he (Don Greenbaum) says, I can’t pay you because I have to pay for this house (the home Sheikh Khalid was renting in Malibu). A half-million bucks for the month is what Don said he had paid. The money has already been transferred for the house rental he said.

Don, Sheikh Khalid and I met at the house in Malibu and Sheikh Khalid said to Don, “Make sure you have a check or the cash or whatever we owe to Kenny Friday when we show up at Rockingham.” We all agreed to it.

Sheikh Khalid had taken me to Barney’s [clothier] in Beverly Hills at some point and spent a lot of money buying me clothes, all of which I left at the house in Malibu; I didn’t want any of it. I didn’t want any of that shit. All I wanted was what I wanted from Day One: Do what you said you were going to do.

: Did Mr. Greenbaum bring the Battle for the Belts and rest of the money to Rockingham?

KN: Well, Khalid shows up at Rockingham on Friday (of the race). I have a motor home brought to Rockingham for him all set up to Khalid’s likes with his favorite foods and drinks, just like old times. I ask, “Where’s Don?” [Khalid says], “He coming, he’s coming.” It’s about 2 o’clock in the afternoon on Friday and the Battle for the Belts is coming up [that evening]. I say, “Khalid, I’m going to cancel this race.” I then went to Jason Scruggs and said, “They don’t have the money. Don’s not here with the money!”

Jason’s like, “If I were you I’d cancel the race.” To his credit, he said that. His father (Mitchell Scruggs) was of a different mindset; he said, “Let’s see what Khalid is going to do.”

It’s like déjà vu all over again. I’m in the motor home, pleading with Sheikh Khalid, “Are you kidding me? My reputation will be over forever and the ADRL will be out of business!” He keeps saying, “Don is coming with the money, Don is coming with the money”.

I don’t even remember to this day... I think Don actually might have shown up. I know for a fact that he didn’t show up with the money, but I think he did show up at the race, although I can’t even verify that he ended up coming to the race because at that point my big fat head was spinning.

Mitchell Scruggs just always had a lot of faith in the Sheikh and he just knew the Sheikh was going to come through. Although the same guy hadn’t paid them for some tractors the ADRL had bought from the Scruggs. And if you ask Jason Scruggs, (he will tell you) that back in 2010 Jason Scruggs had Speedtech on the side of his Corvette and never got paid the money for that sponsorship. But he didn’t care. All those are facts. Indisputable facts. Just ask Jason!

: So why didn’t you cancel the Battle for the Belt race at that point?

KN: I was at a crossroads and I made the worst decision of my entire career. At that point I should have walked out to the drivers’ meeting and said, Hey, guys, here’s the deal. I didn’t have to name them by name, and even later when I would bring this up on the Internet I would never name them by name – I said “The sponsor” didn’t pay the money. “And look, guys, I know I’m going to get crucified for this because I promoted a race and I didn’t have the money, but there’s nothing I can do about it. But I’m not putting my neck on the line for a half-million dollars when I’m already in the hole.”

Anybody in their right mind, any racer, anybody with a pulse, in their right mind that thinks that someone in my position financially would advertise and promote a race for a half-million dollars, add another class to the ADRL, and increase the purses without having someone else obligate themselves to those moneys – that is, the Sheikh – is out of their mind and they’re just kidding themselves.

: What did your backers think about all of this drama?

KN: Standing in their pit, I told Mitchell Scruggs what was going on. He said, “If the Sheikh said he’s going to pay you, I believe he’s going to pay you. And if we do this now, after the X-DRL just going out of business, it will set the ADRL back 10 years, and we don’t want that.”

: When is the next time you had any communication with Sheikh Khalid?

KN: I talk to Khalid and Greenbaum all that week. We’re back and forth. I’m being promised, I’m being promised, I’m being promised when a small percentage of the money comes, not the whole amount they promised. We were and are still owed a significant amount!