: You had a lot of races either rained out or shortened due to weather during the 2013 season yet up to the Dragstock event at Rockingham as far as I can tell everyone was getting paid. Where did you and Jack Switzer get the money to pay the racers and staff?

KN: Jack and I are working our asses off. Whatever money Jack and I had saved at the time, we both invested into the series. We each put in north of $80,000 into the ADRL to keep it going. Spent every penny I had, spent every penny Jack had for the most part, to keep the ADRL going. Every penny the ADRL brought in went right back into the company. At one point Mitchell Scruggs loaned us money again, $150,000, which we paid back immediately a few weeks later when Sheikh Khalid finally sent the other half of the original $300,000 sponsorship.

: Mainly because of bad weather the ADRL was struggling financially. Why would you add a very expensive Battle for the Belts race to the schedule? How did you plan to pay for that race?

KN: Sheikh Khalid comes up with this idea that he was going to put a half-million dollars up for the Battle for the Belts. He also wanted to add a Drag Radial class and he wanted to increase the purses.

Well, like an addict, I didn’t say no to a very bad idea. Guilty as charged! Bad businessman! Dumb son of a bitch! Call me any of those things you want to call me. Every one of them fit!

The fateful moment came at some point before the head-to-head events in April. The ADRL was in Cordova Ill. and the X-DRL was in Belle Rose, La. (on the same weekend). I was driving back from doing some promotional stuff in Cordova and the phone rings. It’s Khalid: “Did you see this X-DRL press release?” It was a press release saying the X-DRL was going to pay a bonus just for their (Belle Rose) race ‘cause they were trying to get more cars than us. I told Sheikh Khalid the same thing I had told Jason and Mitchell and Roger: We do not have to do a thing. We’re going to get more cars than they do. But they kept telling me, man, we need the sponsors that they (X-DRL) have taken away from the ADRL; we need the racers. We need everybody racing in one place.

: So at that point you all agreed to add the Battle for the Belts race?

KN: I call Jason after speaking with Sheikh Khalid and he’s like, yeah, let’s do it! So I’m on the phone with Khalid and Jason. Jason and I are both saying let’s put more money into the purse. We don’t need this half a million dollars for the Battle for the Belts, but that’s what Sheikh Khalid wanted. He wanted that big Friday night half a million, the richest payout in drag racing on one night. So reluctantly I agree and am instructed to go to California to meet with Sheikh Khalid and get the $500,000 for the race and the additional monies for the Drag Radial class, and the purse increase starting after Cordova.

Here I am again, back in California again, sitting in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel again, waiting on Sheikh Khalid to pay the additional money that he had agreed to.

: When was this?

KN: I’ll have to check my travel records, but sometime in July of 2013. Don Greenbaum is supposed to be flying out and he shows up. He and I end up checking into the same hotel in Malibu not far from where Khalid’s (rented) house was. Greenbaum was supposed to have brought me the rest of the money to pay for the Battle of the Belts, Drag Radial class, and the purse increase. It was supposed to be north of $630,000.