(Brian Losness photo)

: Have you given any thought to go back to running a big show funny car? (Bartone won the 2008 Northwest Nationals driving for Big Jim Dunn.)

TB: We are pretty content with what we are doing. We are really focused on this new alcohol car and getting it right.  Most of those guys (big show) are doing it for a paycheck and, I don’t have the time to devote to a full time deal.

:  What are your thoughts on the nostalgia top fuel class as it is right now?

TB: hen we started Steve and Michael went to a couple of nostalgia races and they told me about this nostalgia thing, and we decided to forego the funny car and run a dragster.  We saw the dragster to be a more affordable to run than a funny car. So that is where we went. We don’t race to have fun, we race to win. Sure, we would love to see full fields at these big races, and we need full fields. But I am focused on our program.