Bartone with tuner Steve Boggs.  (James Drew photo)

: You walked in to my next question, Tony. At what point did you start finding that consistency that the team was missing?

TB: We won at Epping, but I think it was after the win in Bakersfield (March Meet) is where we found what was needed to make the car consistent.

: Your crew chief, Steve Boggs, has those duties on both the cars you run, the top fuel dragster and the top alcohol funny car. Does this give you a sense of comfort when you strap into either car?

TB: Absolutely, Steve and I are very close. We have known each other for a long time, we spend time together socially and we have some off-track business interests together.  He is like an older brother to me.

:  With the success you and Boggs have enjoyed with the top fuel car have you given any thought to building a funny car and running the IHRA for the larger purses that they offer?

TB: We are very comfortable with the NHRA and their programs for both cars. I like the alcohol funny car and top fuel dragster so we will continue to move in those directions.

: So you will continue to run the top fuel car next year?

TB: Yeah. In the off season we plan to take the car completely apart, put a new body on it, make some changes to the car, make it like a brand new car.  Plus, we have a new Freightliner toter home and a new Gold Rush trailer that should be ready to go for Bakersfield (CHHR 2014).  That’s the reason we didn’t make Bakersfield (CHHR) last year was that dually was giving us problems. So, hopefully the new truck and trailer will help.