: What has been the most gratifying part of starting the PDRA for you?

JS: Well, I think the most gratifying thing is how everybody stepped up and how everybody appreciates having a place to race and being treated right. And I'm not saying that they weren't treated right before, but everybody's got a positive attitude. Yeah, there's always little things, but people, they're mostly understanding and they understand that things happen. So I guess the most gratifying thing is just how everybody stepped up and supported us because the owners or Bob or anybody else couldn't do anything without the racers and the sponsors and everybody involved. The tracks, the media, everybody has stepped up and tried to help us grow this thing and get going. And it's not anything about the owners or myself or anybody. It's about all of us.

: Knowing what you know now, would you do it all again, right now?

JS: Oh yeah, definitely. Everything this year has went just like we figured it would go, other than a few little things here or there. But nothing major. For the most part, everything is right on track where we thought we would be.

We know we got to brand a new name, we know we got to grow the PDRA name. We know we're going to make mistakes and we know we got to fix mistakes. But you can make mistakes, you just don't need to keep making the same ones. And that's what we're trying to fix and there's not any big mistakes we're making, but we can improve on a lot of things and we're just going to try to keep doing that.

: As Jason Scruggs the Pro Extreme racer, are you happy racing in the PDRA?

JS: Oh yeah, I love racing, this type of racing. I love racing on good tracks and I love racing against the best cars in the world. And that's what PDRA is. You look at my class and you got myself and Bubba Stanton, you got Eric Dillard in a turbo car that went 221 mile an hour. You got Frankie Taylor running 3.40s, you got Randell Reid getting his first win and then winning again. It's all been exciting. Terry Leggett, Mick Snyder is running good, Brandon Snider, it doesn't matter who you are, just in my class alone, anybody can win. So it's exciting. It's the best cars in the world and that's what makes it exciting. It’s where I want to be.