: What's the status on finding a series sponsor? Is there any news on that front?

JS: Well, as we talk today, nothing's been set in stone. We have talked to a few different ones, one in particular. But the total decision hasn't been made yet. And we are looking at getting somebody, some marketing help to help grow the PDRA. We have had some pretty serious talks with one individual, but like I said, as we talk today there's nothing set in stone yet so I don't want to comment.

: If it does come around, though, will it be a game changer for PDRA? Is it going to make a significant difference?

JS: Well, PDRA's not going to change. We're going to be the same organization 10 years from now. But hopefully we're going to be an organization with more money and more sponsors and more car count and more everything. And as we do that and grow, 10 years from now, yeah, we want to pay the racers more money. We want to have a better TV package. We want to do a lot of things that cost a lot of money.

But you got to crawl before you walk and right now, there's a lot of things that could be, I guess, a game changer, to a certain extent. But at the end of the day, it's going to be a slow process. It's going to be a sponsor here, a sponsor there, and hopefully grow bigger sponsors. So yeah, we would love to have a series sponsor, presenting sponsor right now, and hopefully we can put one together before next year.

: You’ve said before there’s a three-year plan that everyone's financially committed to, so are you still on track with that?

JS: Well, we're on track for that, but I really hate to say a three-year plan because when I say a three-year plan, we don't really have only a three-year plan. That's the way that sounds. We're in this for the long haul, we're in this to make it work. When Bob said at the beginning that failure is not an option, that's what we mean. We’ve never been quitters and we're not planning on quitting on this. I think this can be a good series that takes care of itself and probably makes money to actually grow the series. But none of us are in it to make any money out of this, all we want to do is have a good place for everybody to race.

: So it’s safe to assume the PDRA will be back in 2015?

JS: Oh, there's no question about 2015 and there's no question about 2016. I mean, anything could happen, but as long as these racers want somewhere to race and as long as we're having good races, we're planning on being here. Like I said, I hate to call it a three-year plan, that was just a short-term plan that we had in our minds, but as far as us not being committed but for three years, we're committed from now on. I just want to set that clear. Our intention is to make this thing work and to be here from here on.