: Has dealing with PDRA management issues affected your time at the track?

JS: Well, there's guys that come up to me and ask me questions and give suggestions. And everybody's got a voice here. But at the end of the day, like I said, I'd rather them go talk to Bob because when we're at the races, it's really not my decision. We can't hire anybody to do a job then try to do their job for them. That's whether it's here or at our businesses at home or at my dad's store. He's got department heads at his store and when he hires them to run the department, yeah, he keeps up with what's going on, but he gives them authority to do stuff because that's what you got to do.

One man can only do so much. So we don't second-guess Bob. He makes decisions. If he's got a question about something, sometimes he runs it by me or the other owners. But at the end of the day, it's Bob's decision. But you're always going to have that, and whoever's there, you got to just turn the authority over to them and trust in your judgment that they can make the right call and Bob's doing an excellent job with all that.

: You've kind of become the voice of the ownership for PDRA. But how much interaction do you have with the other owners? How often do the four of you guys, or five counting your dad, get together and discuss the PDRA?

JS: Well, I think people recognize me as, I guess you might say the voice of the owners, but really, everybody does just as much as I do behind the scenes. It's just that people kind of know my name and I've got associated with putting everybody together because when we first started I knew everybody. Some of the guys didn't know each other that well, but I knew everybody in the mix.

Normally we try to talk every week or so, or any time there's a decision to be made. If it comes to day-to-day activity, Bob makes most of the calls every day and he might call me or Tommy or Roger or somebody. But for the most part, if you talk about what we're going to do financially or where we're going to spend money or whatever, then yeah, obviously all the owners are involved and everybody's included.

: Has it been a pretty smooth process so far?

JS: Yeah, it's been very smooth. All the owners get along great and like I said, the management has done an excellent job. It takes a lot to make this thing go. We talk about Bob and Bobbi, but you’ve got David Cook as our competition director and the Traction Twins and Denise helping us with PR and promotions. Then you got Brian Olson and Al Tucci and Jimmy Biggs and all the guys on the live feed doing an excellent job, too.

Really, halfway through I think it's been a pretty good success so far, especially for our first year. And I think every one of those guys, and probably a few more I'm forgetting, needs to have mention because they all made this possible and they all put their heart and soul into this. And really the owners, yeah, we're doing a few day-to-day activities, trying to make a few decisions here or there, backing it up financially. But at the end of the day those guys I mentioned are the ones that are putting their blood and sweat into this and making it go. So we owe them all the gratitude.